Sunday, May 15, 2011

How DO they get those photos??

If you've seen those incredible up-close photos of a shuttle launch you might have wondered "How did they get those images without being roasted alive?"The secret is the cameras are set up the day before the launch, and set off by "sound triggers". When these triggers detect a noise level of a certain decibel they set off the camera, resulting in those great images.

When I arrived this morning a gent asked if I could help him set up, and I said Sure. What else was I going to do at 0600?? Bummer part was that the RSS was still around the orbiter, and we got chased out before retraction.

Remote cameras have to withstand wind, rain, harsh sun, plus toxic SRB exhaust. People come up with a variety of solutions.

After that it was time for RSS rollback. In daylight this time.

Everyone wanted the shots above and below. 

Later one the remote cameras needed adjustment again. Darn...

The gent driving our van kindly agreed to take the long way home, all the way around the launch complex.

If something goes REALLY bad  the astronauts would evacuate the orbiter and ride slide baskets down these wires to this bunker, or a waiting armored car.

A rare backside view of the stack. 

Time for some shuteye, then back at it around 0300 for launch at 0856 eastern time. See you then.

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