Friday, April 29, 2011


Last night we were given the go-ahead for the rollback at 2230 and ran for the buses. Security check (sniffer dog), then 2 buses out. 150 media had signed up with a 75+ waiting list, by the time we left the hardcore group numbered less than 50. They gave us an hour but kicked us out right as the big xeon spotlights were firing up and we all dragged our feet to get as many shots as we could until they finally said they weren't screwing around, they were going to start pulling badges. Then we all rushed for the buses. (Only gotta be faster than the last person.)

Got back to my Motel 6 at 0300 for my 0515 wakeup, beat the traffic to KSC and then slept in the car. When I got here it was calm and clear, I heard it rain once while I slept and woke to wind and overcast skies. It's supposed to clear up but the wind might be a problem. Wait and see....

Security is now a presence in the Media Center.

Funny thing yesterday: earlier in the week someone hooked a virus-infected computer into the media visitor's net and it got into the system, NASA shut it down and went on a hunt for the offending computer while they kept shutting off our access to protect their system. So yesterday there was another PA "Attention Media Center, Attention Media Center. Attention all Media Personnel. The Visitors internet is a government computer system and it IS monitored. Do not use it for visiting inappropriate websites. That is all."

There was a silence, then a bunch of snickering as we all "prairie dogged", trying to see who's computer was on the porn site....


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